As the lines between dream and reality are blurred, and nightmares rival even the best horror movies, anyone would start to question their sanity. But when those nightmares begin to cause physical harm and cross over into the waking world, being sane becomes the least of your worries.  Beaten up nightly by the nightmares that have plagued her for years, Cassandra struggles to maintain a normal life. To her, normal means surviving senior year, trying not to choke out the resident mean girl, avoiding her aunt’s questions, and not making a fool out of herself in front of her best friend, Quinn. Simple right? Unfortunately, for Cassandra, nothing is simple, and normal becomes a joke with no punch line. She learns that the people she has trusted the most have been keeping secrets, and worse when the truth comes out it will challenge everything she thought was possible and change her reality forever.  But in the end, reality might prove to be so much worse than any nightmare could have ever predicted.

I could feel him moving beside her and the panic that rooted itself in her gut made me feel nauseous. She looked up again, eyes wide and hollow as they stared at her reflection and that’s when I caught a glimpse of the necklace secured around her neck. The small gold owl with crystal eyes. The same necklace I had just been reaching for, the memory of it slamming into my brain. I tried to move her head to see where he was, but at that moment she screamed and stiffened in pain as something sharp began to carve into her stomach. I could feel her skin give way under the sharp instrument, the wet sound of blood being set free, and the scarping that felt like she was being filleted like a fish.  The pain was so intense that the metallic taste of blood flooded my mouth. It felt as though the cuts would tear us both in half and her scream ripped at her throat until there was no sound left. She and I both were at the edge of what we could stand, and I could feel the darkness coming for her and shamefully I let go too, not able to bare the pain much longer. A slap to the face brought us back, but her eyes were clouded with tears, unable to focus. It was over, he had stopped cutting, now all I could feel was the pain and wetness dripping down the sides of her stomach. She cried hard and loud and I cried with her, understanding that these few moments of pain that I shared with her were just a drop in the bucket to what she had endured.           ~ Cassandra Carter - Premonitions




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