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Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming release of my first book Premonitions. Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter or to follow me on Facebook or Twitter.


Premonitions and the publishing detour


Premonitions will be released in 2018, dates are coming soon. Please see my blog post Premonitions the publishing detour to find out more.


The road to publication.


No one ever said that publishing a book would be easy. Today I am close to finishing a second round of edits and it has been an amazing journey so far. The book cover has been finalized and is being launched along with my website. Publication date is Summer 2017, and while that is still vague, I am looking forward to firming up the date within the next few weeks.  If you want to keep up-to-date on all things Premonitions please subscribed to my newsletter or follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

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