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Coming January of 2022

The power of words spark a love that transcends  war, hate, and the scars that run deeper than skin. Letters between two strangers, struggling thousands of miles apart, cement two souls on a path to one day heal each other. Eleven years after their last letters were exchanged, Silas Stone and Sheriff Micha Daniels finally come face to face for the first time.  


Moving back home, to Maine, after a tragic fire changes his life, Silas meets the man his heart has wanted since he was seventeen. Micha, honorably medically discharged from the Marine Corps, after a harrowing capture, struggles with his feelings for the boy, now a man, who captured his heart with his words and  became a light in the darkness of war. Will a stalker and the hate crime that brought Silas home put an end to their story before it has a chance to begin? Or will Silas and Micha find the courage to fight for themselves and each other, realizing that the words they exchanged all those years ago were stops on the roadmap meant to lead them to each other,  and eventually set their hearts on fire.

Content: Violence, graphic injuries,  homophobia, hate crimes, disabilities, LGBTQIA+,  sexual content, suicide, & mental illness, including but not limited to anxiety and PTSD

Excerpt from Heart on Fire:

Dear Micha,

                  I was thinking about your last letter, how the world, where you are, is so loud, the desert so hot, your soul so lonely. I know you didn’t say that last thing, but I read between the lines. I wish with all my heart that I could make that place bearable for you, for your friends. They say that sometimes when you picture a thing hard enough, you can feel it in the deepest parts of you. I hope my words can paint that picture for you, that for even one second they can help you find peace and know that there are people here waiting for you to come home.
                  I’m sitting on the back porch this morning. It snowed a lot last night. The quiet is almost deafening as I look out over the blanket of white. The wind picks up just enough to rustle the heavy, ice-laden trees. They tinkle like soft wind chimes playing a song just for us. I have the urge to get up and dance in the snow. I picture you and Megs twirling with me to nature's music and can’t help but smile.
                  I inhale the cold, my lungs burning. Pine is heavy in the air, and I close my eyes and think of cutting just the right one for Christmas, making sure it’s perfect and strong. You, Megs, and I laughing as we decorate its branches while we drink hot chocolate in front of the fire. You would have to put the star on top, being the tallest. We would all stand back, our elbows touching, admiring the beauty as the lights twinkle. I shiver as the wind reminds me that cozy fire is only in my mind.
                 The smell of ice, of fireplaces breathing through their chimneys, of winter, it is what I think of when I think of home—these quiet moments where everything seems possible. Small flurries have started to fall, and I turn my face up to heaven, letting them coat my tongue and eyelashes. It feels as though God himself is touching my face, a soft caress that makes me think anything is possible. A light touch that gives me hope. Rustling from the tree line draws my eyes. Three deer stand in the shelter of the branches. They look happy, and I imagine they are you, Megs, and me. That we are there in the snow, hooves ready to run, and hearts ready to live surrounded by all this magic.
                My heart sinks when I think about what you must have woken up to this morning. Maybe I can lend you my morning, and you picture it hard enough to believe you are sitting beside me, safe and at peace. I don’t know if I believe in God anymore. You know my father and why I would question, but I believe in you and Megs, and that is enough for me to pray. Pray for you, that you can find solace, if only for a moment, in this picture of the world as I painted it just for you. Be safe and come back home soon. Megs misses you terribly, and I would love to finally meet you face to face. God Bless you, Micha, and think of the snow.

                                                                                                                                 ~ Letter from Silas Stone to

                                                                                                                                 Micha Daniels (Undisclosed Marine Corps Base Afghanistan)

Stage Mist


An Unlikely Heroes Novel

Shannon Boote

Coming Soon


An Unlikely Heroes Novel (Book Cover Reveal Coming Soon)


Fynly Merrick can't see the world he is supposed to save, but with his twin brother and friends willing to risk it all, can they all become the superheroes he knows they can be, in time to save his family, his life, and the world?

Join Fynly (Fyn) and Kalen Merrick, twin brother's running from their past and a man intent on using their powers to change the course of the world as we know it. On the run, they meet a group of friends that have more in common with Fyn and Kalen than they ever thought possible.  Together they will confront the man who created them all and if they don't screw it up too badly, save the world in the process.

Content: Violence, torture, graphic injuries, child abuse, rape, homophobia, transphobia, disabilities, LGBTQ+, sexism, sexual content

Excerpt from Nemesis:

"Fyn, from the moment you woke up in our bunker, you have shown us what true resilience means. You see the light in the world from your place of darkness, and you do it with humor and love. Through your blindness, you helped us see. We are more than the circumstances that made us, we are stronger than we believe, and we are capable beyond what our fear has told us we are. You see us, Fyn, not with your eyes, but with your heart. These tattoos symbolize so much. You are our anchor, Fyn, in seas that threaten to rip us apart. We would bleed for you, as you have done so many times for the people you love. Whatever happens after tomorrow night, we want you to know, you are a part of us, a part of our hearts.”   ~ Kai Waters - Nemesis (An Unlikely Heroes Novel)

A Shifter's Destiny.jpg

Coming Soon

A Shifter's Destiny

(Book Cover Reveal Coming Soon)


Hidden in the forests of Texas, Lexington Thomas, alpha of the last werecat clan is about to have everything he knows about instinct, love, and loyalty tested. When a new employee, Jaxson Harley, known for his conservation efforts in Australia and Africa turns Lex's world upside down, will Jaxson trust his heart or run away from his own destiny and a past that threatens the entire shifter community.

Alphas are being hunted and it's a race against time to find out who's behind it before Jaxson becomes their new prize and Lex loses everything he has worked his life to build including his new relationship with Jaxson.

Content: Violence, graphic injuries,  homophobia, disabilities, LGBTQ+,  sexual content

Excerpt from A Shifter's Destiny:

Ice and I have lived for centuries, and we have learned a few things.” North took both Jaxson’s and Lex’s hands. “Denying ourselves out of fear and guilt doesn’t bring back those who have been lost, and by not living our best lives, we don’t honor them either.”  ~ North - A Shifter's Destiny



As the lines between dream and reality blur and nightmares rival even the best horror movies, anyone would question their sanity. But when those nightmares cause physical harm and cross the threshold into the waking world, being sane becomes the least of your worries.


Beaten up nightly by the nightmares that have plagued her for years, Cassandra struggles to maintain a normal life. To her, normal means surviving senior year, trying not to choke out the resident mean girl, avoiding her aunt’s questions, and not making a fool out of herself in front of her best friend, Quinn. Simple, right? Unfortunately, for Cassandra, nothing is simple, and normal becomes a joke with no punch line. She learns that the people she has trusted the most have been keeping secrets, and worse, when the truth comes out, it will challenge everything she thought was possible and change her reality forever. That reality might just prove to be so much worse than any nightmare could have ever predicted.

Content: Violence, graphic injuries, torture, serial killer, rape, strong sexual content

Excerpt from Premonitions:

“I could feel him moving beside her, and the panic that rooted itself in her gut made me feel nauseous. She looked up again, eyes wide and hollow as they stared at her reflection. That’s when I saw the necklace secured around her neck. The small gold owl with crystal eyes. The same necklace I had just been reaching for, the memory of it slamming into my brain. I tried to move her head to see where he was, but at that moment she screamed and stiffened in pain as something sharp began carving into her stomach. I could feel her skin give way under the sharp instrument. The wet sound of blood being set free, and the scraping that felt like she was being filleted like a fish. The pain was so intense that the metallic taste of blood flooded my mouth. It felt as though the cuts would tear us both in half and her scream ripped at her throat until there was no sound left. She and I both were at the edge of what we could stand, and I could feel the darkness coming for her and shamefully I let go too, not able to bear the pain much longer. A slap to the face brought us back, but her eyes, clouded with tears, could not focus. It was over, he had stopped cutting. All I could feel was the pain and wetness dripping down the sides of her stomach. She cried hard and loud and I cried with her, understanding that these few moments of pain that I shared with her were just a drop in the bucket to what she had endured.”          ~ Cassandra Carter - Premonitions

Books Coming Soon
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