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A Review of "The Soultakers" (The Treemakers Trilogy Book 2) by Christina L. Rozelle

As with the first book in the Treemakers series I wish I could give it more than just five stars. Christina L. Rozelle’s The Soultakers only solidified further why this has been one of my favorite series standing next to series like Harry Potter, House of Night, The Maze Runner and more, while still holding its own in such a unique way. The Soultakers: Joy, her Treemakers and the Salt Miners have all made it to paradise, or have they? Joy is confronted with truths that if kept secret could tear her family apart, her family being all the children she cares for not to mention Mateo and Jax. He heart is torn, her resolve tested, and her fear well it seems to be the biggest monster. If and when the illusion of paradise shatters will she continue to struggle with wondering if she will have strength enough to keep everyone safe. Unlike book one, Joy seems to forget she is not alone, that her family will always be there even the ones who have fallen along the way. The fight for life is not over and when one wrong move leads the group to most certain death will Momma Joy, Papa Jax, Mateo and the rest of the group end up together? One thing is for sure they will be tested like never before. Final Thoughts: Like book one Soultakers is a phenomenal read. The story line, the characters, and suspense drive the story, but feeling the connection and love this group feels for one another endears the characters to your heart. Children forced into roles they should never be in only makes the need to turn the page and find out what’s next all the more necessary. Beyond the story, this book like the one before was edited and written so well and as a reader I really appreciate that attention to detail. Thank you Christina L. Rozelle for another great read!

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