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Port in a Storm (Kitten and Witch #1) by K.L. Noone

2.75 stars January 9, 2021

The premise and characters of this book had so much potential that could have been really leaned into in a full length novel which would have cured some of the problems that I had with the text. I don't mind insta-love but holy cow, this was fast. Not having the pages to explore this more and let the slow burn heat the pages really did the premise and the characters a disservice. What I found most interesting is how Noone handles a character that has been held captive and forced to do whatever his captor wanted, including sex. Regardless of the fact that Colin the MC is a cat and has those tendencies in his personal life, including loving sex, the reality is that no one held like that, no matter their labeto, would just fall into bed with someone else hours after escaping with no cost to their person, mentally or physically. It is less realistic than a guy turning into a cat (which I love shifters so no shade there). Still I think this had a ton of potential just based on the premise. The thing that ultimately garnered it such a low rating was the writing style. It felt disjointed and poorly edited. There were several times I had to go back and reread passages because it lost me. I read over 200 books last year and never had that issue, which means its a book thing not a me thing. If it wasn't for the premise and wanting to see where the characters go from here, this would have gotten a 1 star from me. On to the second part of the Novella, here's hoping the writing gets better.


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