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Sympathy by Jordan Castillo Price

The writing was fair. The premise even better. But where this fell flat for me was the length. I think this would have come across as so much more if it had been a full length novel. I don't mind novellas but when the topic is this heavy, touching on trauma, disabilities, and abusive relationships, we are given such a small glance of each that, as readers, we don't get a chance to care deeply about and feel connected to the main characters. I believe it also misses the opportunity to explore the dynamics of the relationship between the brothers. I think more books need to, not only tell the story of main characters with disabilities, but also show how those disabilities affect the relationships within family units. So for me the story just felt unfinished. Even the way it ends seems rushed. I wanted more from these characters. Tony's character seemed to feel so much and while his both physical and emotional turmoil's surface was scratched it barely gave the reader the chance to really start to feel something for him. All-in-all a good story, that fell short of story that would have benefited from a clear focus on on trauma or have been made a full length novel to really go all in.


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