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Review of "Jade" (Three J'Amigos #1) by Rose Montague

Spoilers so beware!

Vampires, witches, shifters, and Fae, OH MY! Jade was as good as I would have expected after reading Montagues other series. I am a little backwards because I started by reading Norma Jean’s School of Witchery Series first and, while the series stood so well on its own, I was excited to see where it started and learn about Jewel’s adopted family. What impressed me most about Jade was the chemistry that grows so quickly between Jade, the main character, and those she comes into contact with, some we get to know really well and others pass quickly, but all left with a true impression of Jade and her true heart. The relationship that buds so quickly between Jade and London Jane is almost palpable and hot at the same time. Surprises wait around every corner, one of the biggest of which is Jade’s shifter self and the incredible revelation that comes with her first shift…she really is like no other. More than anything else Jade is where the “Three J’Amigo” come together (Jade, Jane, and Jill) and it is also where girl (or woman) power kicks as much butt as any Bruce Willis film. I adore strong female leads, women who can take care of themselves and save the world all at the same time. I was eager to move on to Jane the second book in the “Three J’Amigos” series. Ok so this is where you stop reading if you don’t like spoilers. There may be a few spoilers to follow, nothing to mind blowing though if you have read the book’s summary. Jade started out interestingly enough meeting a bear of a man (literally), Jade’s shifter partner Rolfe. Jade is immediately a mystery when it comes to her own magical talents or, for that matter, her origin. It becomes apparent pretty quickly that Jade has many talents as well as physical ties to the shifter, vampire, and fae communities. Her character and worth garner her friends and allies who stand beside her without fail. Able to shift her appearance and abilities to take on whichever magical being she is to become is an asset that serves her well, especially when vampires in the city start murdering people including cops. Getting too close to the truth puts Jade and Rolfe in the cross-hairs with a long list of beings ready and willing to be the ones to take them down, including almost impossible to stop zombies. Oh yeah! Did I forget to mention the zombies? Yeah there are zombies… Jade turns to London Jane the most powerful vampire in the city. There is an immediate attraction between Jade and Jane and the truth that Jane and her vampires are not to blame for the murders does not clear anything up. Instead Jade and Jane find themselves the escape goats for a conspiracy meant to frame vampires and possibly Fae and turn the city against them. Now on the run, Jade must rely on her Fae blood to keep her safe as she crosses the veil into Fairie to speak with the Winter Queen, Jill. Quickly impressing royalty win her an incredible invitation and an even more unlikely friendship with the Winter Queen herself. Jade, London Jane, and Jill search for the truth, one that if not thwarted threatens to rip both Faerie and the human realm apart.

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