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Feral Bonds (Reforming the Paranormal Council #2) by Sheri Eleese

This is the second book in the Reforming the Paranormal Council series and while it is very possible for each story to stand on it's own, I think I would have really preferred to read them in chronological order. That said, this was everything I didn't know I wanted in a M/M paranormal fantasy. I do love me an amazing queer contemporary, but fantasy is my most loved genre so combining them always makes my heart swoon.

Edgar Dempsey is a fussy, uptight vampire that likes his very uptight fancy world as the assistant to the vampire price Roman, Roman's consort, and their baby. Apparently, there was a vampire uprising in the first book, which thrust Prince Roman and his consort Lysander together as perfect mates and brought the two men their son. (I will be reading this first book soon) Edgar is dealing with transfers of prisoners of the uprising and while doing so finds a wolf shifter alpha, Jackson, badly tortured and left for dead. It becomes immediately apparent the the two hold the key to fighting a plague that is destroying the wolf shifter world, but can they put their bickering aside long enough to save each other and the paranormal world that is as at much at stake as the wolf shifter's future?

The dynamic between Edgar and Jackson is fire from the beginning, even with Jackson barely holding on to life. Their journey together, shows Edgar's true nature and the two men slowly start to respect and care for one anther. Yes, there is a lot of in and out of cars, a lot of driving, some bickering, okay more than some, but there is also a lot of heart, what it is to be a found family, and what it means to find love in the middle of chaos. There were moments I laughed out loud and others where my heart pounded. This is exactly the type of romantic fantasy I love.


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