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Fire and Ink (Kitten and Witch #2) by K.L. Noone

2.75 stars January 10, 2021

Like book one the story premise could have been a five star. If the characters had more room to breathe (like had another 250 pages to

stretch out on) and/or the premise could have been explored even a little bit more it would have made a huge difference. I felt like in several places the text meandered. I think the words wasted in this meandering could have been spent giving us more information or building the character arcs. As with book one, I was not a fan of the writing style. I saw several people address this in reviews for the first book, but it doesn't seem like those same reviewers moved on to book 2. The writing style caused abrupt stops and furrowed brows pulling me out of the story so fast I got whiplash.

I really do believe this story has great potential. I am a big fan of shifter stories in general. I think also, I could get used to Noone's writing style if the story made up for it. All in all, I think if you want something short, cute, and not needing a lot of brain power to consume, this is it. I may need to read something else by this author to see if I can jive more with something longer, if not I will have to move on.

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