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A Review of House of Furies by Madeleine Roux

Rating: 4.5 Stars

House of Furies by Madeleine Roux is well written and edited. It is an original story in which Roux paints a vivid picture of a dark world where evil and justice may be the same monster. Louisa Ditton is a runaway, putting distance between her and the boarding school she hates. She believes being on the streets is better than the abuse she receives at school. Through a series of events she finds herself at Coldthistle Boarding House with her new, mysterious employer Mr. Morningside and a cast of seemingly nice, if not a little strange, characters. She immediately feels the house is more than it appears but becoming a maid will help her save money to maybe relocate. She soon realizes that the house and its inhabitants have an awful secret, delivering their own brand of justice to those they deem beyond salvation. Louisa has a hard time distinguishing who the truly evil are and questions even her own sanity at times. One thing she does know is a young man by the name of Lee is anything but evil and she must find a way to prove it before "justice" is served, while also finding a way to free herself from the grip of Coldthistle.

While I am sure I did not do the synopsis any justice with my description, what I do know is this book is beautifully illustrated and hypnotic and darkly written. The direction she takes this story and they roles these characters play in it are fresh and interesting. It had me hooked. I loved Roux's Asylum series and see the hearty echoes of her ability to create dark and sinister backdrops in House of Furies. While I try to dedicate at least 80% of my reading to fellow indie authors, I love supporting traditionally published writers like Roux too.

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