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Review of the witch doesn't burn in this one by Amanda Lovelace

Rating: 4 Stars-

First let me say that if you decide to dive into this one, take the trigger warnings seriously. That said, this is why I love poetry! Amanda Lovelace bends words creating content that is sharp, meticulously pointed, and hard. This story is about being a woman, no... no it is about being women together and individually. It is about writing our own stories and not allowing history or men to edit or eclipse who we are together or individually. Lovelace delves into the taboo, touching on what is taken from us without our consent thinking it gives power. While I did not agree with everything she writes, or maybe the way she delivers certain aspects of the witch hunt, either way, I truly believe that her voice is important, and her intentions are clearly and creatively both poignant and hopeful at the same time. This was another quick read taking about 35 minutes for 208 pages. Sometimes the hardest things to talk about are the realities so many live each day. Sharing those realities is important for us to evolve, which in turn allows us to learn to love who we are while believing in our own power. That is what this collection meant to me. Page 13, “write your fears. that’s what they told me. so i picked that pen up again & i traced my way over these openclosedopen wounds until the inky map led me right to the very ones who started it. then i took a deep breath & conjured up a storm all my own.” Brilliant!

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