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Carte Blanche

Heartbreaking, sweet, sad, and frustrating this story is gorgeously written. I had so many feeling reading this and it has stuck with me even after putting it down. I appreciate that the author did not take the easy way out by making it seem like the magic of a relationship was a cure all. Jude's world is small, terrifying, and tiring, and Devin, his new hot neighbor isn't his savor, but instead a catalyst for Jude to want more. Devin's friendship and attraction opens a door through his kindness, understanding, and patience. These two boys are sweet little cinnamon rolls that should be wrapped in love for the rest of their character's lives.

Were there some issues? Sure, pacing was a little off, but then again showing Jude's life and mental illness in its repeated daily monotony required some slow pacing to do it justice and make the reader feel a sense of anxiousness alongside Jude. Even with the few issues, the story and characters deserve the 5 stars I gave this.

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