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Road to Blissville (5 book series) by Aimee Nicole Walker

Unscripted Love (Road to Blissville #1) 5 stars

Someone to Call My Own (Road to Blissville #2) 5 stars

Nobody's Prince Charming (Road to Blissville #3) 5 stars

This Time Around (Road to Blissville #4) 4.25 stars

Smoke in the Mirror (Road to Blissville #5) 5 stars

Inside Out (Road to Blissville #6) 4.25 stars

Prescription for Love (Road to Blissville #7) 4.50 stars

The Road to Blissville series is downright amazing in its delivery of humor, heartache,

and love. I am reviewing these books as one because each story is woven with each of the others in an intricate and fascinating way that I just loved. This allowed for the reader to continue seeing and hearing from the characters you grow to love within the Blissville community. These books challenge perceptions, preconceived ideas, personal demons, and society.

From our soft and fluffy cupcakes to our broody alpha’s, the men of Blissville sizzle in all right places and have you clutching your chest or pearls going “aaaahhhh” in every other place. The humor is to the bone funny. I can say I have never laughed out loud so much, so hard, or so often in any of the books I have ever read.

I think the standout through all the stories is the community of friends and family that rally around and support each other. Are there some hard moments and topics discussed? Yes. Homophobia is challenged throughout by both the LGBTQ+ and the heterosexual community. Highlighting not just tolerance but acceptance. In one volume, in particular, This Time Around(Road to Blissville #4), Milo’s grandfather, who loves him dearly, explains that while he was raised to believe one thing about being gay like his grandson, he knows that it was wrong and admits that he has to fight his own battle against what he grew up being taught and what he believes to be true today. I think that is a brilliant addition to highlight, showing that history does not need to define the future and that our perceptions and beliefs can be challenged and changed by the information and facts that speak to the most human parts of who we are. The parts that make us the same, like love.

Were there some issues with the series? Sure, but at their core, each one of these books was solid and well-written. I was not the biggest fan of some of the more bull hoof stopping alpha moments. Still, it was well-balanced, I think, by the softer, more intimate conversations and interactions. This series was a fun ride, and I think a positive representation of our LGBTQ+ community.

Seriously, love the humor, heart, and heat of the Blissville men!

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