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His Name is Carson Adler: A Romantic Short Story by Rebecca Milton

WILL NOT RATE! Hard NO. Harmful and Homophobic

Okay so I was a little, and then a lot upset, about this short story for its very unappealing text about the Main character’s friends thinking she was gay. It was problematic for me to say the least. I never thought 23 pages could ever tick me off like these 23 pages did.

“I mean, no offense Cass but I was under the stern impression that you were gay.” Cassie coughed a little and a few crumbs of lemon cake shot from between her lips and plopped in Marcie’s tea. No one noticed. “You thought I was …” Cassie started to respond, in shock.”

“Yes. Not like a … you know …. a bull dyke or anything but, you know one of those … what do they call them,” Delora looked around the table for help. “Lipstick lesbians,”

The shock and awe of the main character for being thought of as gay seems to offend her like there is anything to be offended about. It was over the top. Plus the use of “bull dyke” and lipstick lesbians”, really? Then at one point Rebecca Milton actually writes “and who knows, maybe I will become gay.” Because that’s how it works, you wake up one day and say I’m gay. It is BS like this that hurts our community.

While wrong to speculate about someone’s sexuality or gender, when confronted with her “friends” thinking she’s gay, no I’m not, would have sufficed. Not the clutching of pearls style horror that she seems to have as a reaction.

The writer then calls erotica pornography. The whole texts reads like the elitist BS of some straight, cisgender, white woman that needs a lesson in inclusion, homophobia, and how not to piss off a marginalized group.

I rarely say don’t read something. I try to give positives and negatives but I can’t see past the seemingly homophobic and miss information about being gay that this text promotes.

I WILL not support or recommend this book or writer. Again, as usual, that is my opinion, please feel free to judge for yourself. Writing and reading are subjective after all, so...

I’m angry! I love books but this one made me angry!

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