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Of Sunlight and Stardust by Riley Hart and Christina Lee

5.0 Stars - A favorite of the year.

Of Sunlight and Stardust was hauntingly beautiful. The story is quiet yet powerful and the slow burn friendship turned romance made my heart thump in my chest. Even though the magical realism of Tom and Charlie's story was predictable, it did not take away from the impact it had on Tanner or Cole's story. I often hate when I know where the story will be headed right out of the gate, but in this case I loved watching the two stories past and present intertwine, and the use of magical realism to show how all four men were connected was so sweet.

It was interesting to see how in the present the story of Tom and Charlie was still being suppressed allowing lies to taint the beauty of love. I think in the end the text did justice to putting old ghosts to rest while paying honor to two souls that wanted nothing more than to love. Tanner and Cole represent so much more than just what it is to love. They represent moving forward while honoring the past.

I don't dare share more. This was an experience reading, that I alway want and crave. Highly recommend if you love a beautiful story with just a hint of magic.


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