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Upside Down by N.R. Walker

5 Stars - January 3, 2021

This was a perfect way to start out the new year, reading a fantastic book, loving the story and characters.

Jordan is quirky, foul mouthed for such a soft cinnamon roll, and loves books and his jo

b at the library. Headphones guy, as Jordan has dubbed him, catches Jordan's eye as they ride the same bus home everyday. Jordan is too shy and too confused to talk to the beautiful man. His inner struggles with the thing that has ended so many of his relationships is one more thing that makes him neurotic on the best of days. His shyness adds to his awkwardness, making his mouth run a mile a minute saying things he would rather keep in.

Headphones guy turns out to be Hennessy Lang, hot, smart, loves books and has his sights set on Jordan. Meeting or liking Jordan was a sweet surprise. Hennessy, runs a support group for people like him. Hennessy Wanted to help those who have struggled or are struggling with their own sexuality. He knows what he wants in a partner, what he wants for himself. Jordan and Hennessey navigate a relationship like neither has had before, finding footing as asexuals wanting love and acceptance for who they are.

I think the asexual rep in this book is spot on, showing that there is a spectrum. Asexuality or aromanticism isn't linear and does not follow a set path, it is different for everyone who identifies as either. Some of the best moments in this book are when Jordan and Hennessy feel seen and explore how relationships exist without sex being a part or sometimes all of a relationship.

The friends dynamic in this text is amazing as well. It shows the truth of strength in found family.

This story touched my heart. So glad it was one of my first reads of the new year. It made me feel seen too. It's great when a text can have that kind of impact.


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